AWE 2020 Auggie Award winners announced

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May 29, 2020 – At AWE 2020 today, which has this year been successfully hosted entirely online, the winners of this year’s Auggie awards have been announced. The annual Auggie Awards are a recognized industry AR & VR awards show tied to the AWE conference series. Now in its 11th year, the “Auggies” continue to showcase some of the best ideas and solutions found in augmented and virtual reality.

There are 15 award categories in total, and the winners announced today were as follows:

Best Art or Film:
The Key by Lucid Dreams Productions


Best Campaign:
PORTAL With Nreal by MESON, inc.


Best Consumer App:
SBB AR App – The Future of Customer Information by SBB


Best Creator & Authoring Tool:
Grib3D by Grib


Best Developer Tool:
Unity AR Foundation by Unity Technologies


Best Enterprise Solution:
Spatial by Spatial


Best Game & Toy:
Otherworld Heroes by Bublar Group


Best Headworn Device:
Nreal Light by Nreal


Best Healthcare & Wellness Solution:
MediView Surgical Navigation System by MediView XR, Inc.


Best in Location-Based Entertainment:
Universal Monsters Presents: Bride of Frankenstein holoride by Universal Pictures, holoride, REWIND, and Ford Motor Company.


Best Indie Creator(s):
Tangible UI by Greg Madison


Best Input or Output Hardware:
Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display by Looking Glass Factory


Best Interaction Software:
The Lion King Virtual Production System by Magnopus


Best Societal Impact:
SoundShirt by CuteCircuit


Best Use of AI:
Eve by TechSee

In addition to the 15 main Auggie Award categories, AWE also presented an Award for the Best Startup to Watch, with this year’s winner being TVORI.

Video credits: Respective companies & YouTube / Vimeo

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