INDE announces touchless version of its Augmented Reality ‘HeroMirror’

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May 29, 2020 – INDE has today announced the introduction of ‘HeroMirror Touchless’, a technology that enables users to navigate the company’s kiosk-sized augmented reality experience without having to touch the device itself.

Customer-facing touchscreens have become an essential and integrated part of everyday modern life: from banks and public transportation to self-service checkouts and entertainment, many different services rely on these kinds of easy to use interfaces. With the outbreak of COVID-19 though, health concerns regarding public touchscreens have likely prompted many companies to look at alternative activation solutions.

INDE has therefore come up with a touchless solution, given the company’s AR-powered HeroMirror photo booth relies on a touchscreen.

To activate the feature, users have to scan a QR code on the mirror with a smartphone, which leads them to a website. Once enabled, users are able to use their own smartphone as a remote control, allowing them to select all options on the AR mirror without having to touch it. As with every other HeroMirror installation, users can also choose their favourite snapshot and share it online right away from the website. 

“This is a key development for what’s become a very popular product for our global customer base” commented Alex Alanson, COO of INDE. “It shows that we listen to the needs of our audience and that we’re able to innovate at pace – a vital capacity for any business in the current economic climate. I’m incredibly proud of what our product and development teams have been able to achieve.”

One of INDE’s first projects was developing a large-screen AR experience for National Geographic in 2011. Since then, INDE has become a fully integrated augmented reality product developer, with more than 200 mobile, kiosk and big-screen AR systems deployed worldwide, according to the company. Its clients The Smithsonian Institution, The BBC, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, WWF and others.

Video credit: INDE / YouTube

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