Beenoculus unveils new 3DoF VR headset built around DPVR’s P1 Pro device at 5G Summit Brazil

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August 24, 2022 – Beenoculus, a Brazil-based provider of extended reality (XR) hardware and software solutions for businesses, recently unveiled its newest all-in-one 3DoF virtual reality (VR) headset at the 5G Summit Brazil in São Paulo, Brazil last week.

Beenoculus states that its new device is designed to meet the needs of Brazilian developers and businesses, providing them with an entry-level VR headset that offers a cost-effective solution to address various use cases and provides an end-to-end solution that meets hardware, software and content needs.

The company’s new device, which is built around DPVR’s P1 Pro modular VR headset, runs on the Snapdragon XR1 chipset, features the Qualcomm Adreno 615 GPU, offers a 100 degree field of view (FoV), and is available with either a 2.5K or 4K display.


Beenoculus is the exclusive agent in South America for DPVR, a Shanghai-based company that specializes in virtual reality (VR) device design and manufacturing. The two companies announced a strategic partnership in October last year.

Commenting on the announcement and 5G technology, José Evangelista Terrabuio Junior, CEO of Beenoculus, said: “XR is about brand-new, natural-language human-computer interfaces that enable users to access knowledge through enjoyable and memorable experiences. The most potent communication languages ever created by humans are included in XR. The rapid adoption of VR technology across various businesses and industries will be made possible thanks to the super fast speeds that 5G technology enables, which will help to drastically improve current user experiences.”

He continued, “Medical professionals will be able to treat patients remotely using virtual reality technology. Rapid access to massive volumes of medical data and artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to help to diagnose patients and create treatment regimens more quickly and precisely. The interconnectedness of devices and the blending of virtual and real worlds will be made possible thanks to 5G technology.”

Derek Liu, VP of DPVR, also commented: “We’re glad that our partner, Beenoculus, attended such an innovative event. The advent of the 5G age will surely help to advance the virtual reality industry and expand the scope of applications for VR technology. Investment in 5G infrastructure is just the beginning of a journey towards a better future, which we greatly look forward to.”

Beenoculus stated that it was the only VR equipment service integrator to participate in the 5G Summit Brazil conference, which was led by Qualcomm. The event featured telecommunications leaders and government representatives and covered the devices and industry verticals that stand to benefit from new technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Private Networks, Open RAN, and the Metaverse, as well as trends and prospects for the impact of 5G for Brazil.

For more information on Beenoculus and its VR software and hardware solutions for service providers in Brazil, click here. For more information on DPVR and its virtual reality hardware and software solutions, click here.

Image credit: DPVR / Beenoculus

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