DPVR announces strategic partnership with Brazilian XR retailer Beenoculus

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October 26, 2021 – DPVR, a Shanghai-based company specializing in virtual reality (VR) device design and manufacturing, has recently announced that it has reached an agreement with Beenoculus, one of the largest extended reality (XR) retailers in Brazil. As DPVR’s exclusive retailer in Latin America, Beeculous will take charge of the sales, shipping, and after-sales service for DPVR.

Since its establishment in 2014, DPVR has been working to create affordable VR headsets for enterprises. The company launched its latest generation of modular VR headsets earlier this year with the announcement of its P1 Ultra 4K and P1 Pro Light standalone VR headsets. The modular design of the devices means that functionality such as eye tracking, hand tracking, and brain-computer interface sensors, can be added as necessary in order to better suit its customers’ needs. 

Beenoculus offers extensive VR software and hardware solutions to service providers in Brazil. It also owns two subsidiaries companies, Beetools and JungleBee, which offer a package solution of VR education to schools and organizations. According to DPVR, Beenoculus has served dozens of large enterprise clients, such as Cisco, Intel, and Honda.

Commenting on the cooperation agreement, Derek Liu, Vice President and Overseas Marketing Director at DPVR, said: “We are very optimistic about the VR hardware markets in Brazil and we are flattered to build this partnership with Beenoculus. This collaboration is the first phase of our wider strategic cooperation plan, and we will continue to work in this field in the near future.”

For more information on DPVR and its virtual reality solutions for enterprise, click here. To find out more about Beenoculus and its extended reality technology solutions, click here.

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