Taqtile partners with Nokia to deliver AR-enabled work instruction platform in MX Industrial Edge suite

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October 22, 2021 – Taqtile, a provider of enterprise software that leverages augmented reality (AR), cloud computing, and LTE/5G networks for knowledge capture and sharing, has announced that its Manifest work-instruction platform is now part of the newly announced Nokia MX Industrial Edge suite of enterprise solutions for Nokia customers.

The collection of applications curated by Nokia is designed to address the digital transformation needs of enterprise users. Within the MX Industrial Edge application catalog, the Manifest platform delivers an AR-enabled training and work instruction environment for frontline, deskless workers, empowering them to get their jobs done more efficiently, accurately, and safely.

Combined with MX Industrial Edge and Mixed Reality (MR) capable devices connected via private wireless (e.g. AR headsets, tablets, and mobile devices), Manifest provides frontline users with real-time instruction, access to static, audio, and video assets, integration of IoT data, and the ability to communicate in real-time with remote experts when needed. 

“MX Industrial Edge provides a convenient way for Nokia enterprise customers and their employees to access Manifest and other advanced platforms to complete complex tasks and leverage digital solutions that unlock the inherent value of their operational data,” stated Dirck Schou, CEO of Taqtile. “With Manifest, MX Industrial Edge users will be able to improve their companies’ resiliency, scale their workforces more efficiently, and be better positioned to overcome issues like labor force reductions, supply chain disruptions, and other business challenges.”

According to Taqtile, Nokia is integrating the capabilities of these applications with technologies such as 4.9G/LTE and 5G private wireless networks. As a result, enterprises will be able to benefit from an entire ecosystem of connected devices, systems, and sensors. Furthermore, because Nokia MX Industrial Edge is on-premises, data is processed on-site, providing optimized compute and networking performance, as well as the data security required by Industry 4.0 use-cases.

“Nokia is proud to partner with Taqtile to expand Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge ecosystem with applications that create customer value beyond connectivity. With simple and easy to use mixed reality work instructions in real-time and MX Industrial Edge capabilities, we can address the needs of many segments such as manufacturing and logistics,” said Fabian Schlage, Head of Ecosystem Engagement, Nokia Enterprise Solutions.

For more information on Taqtile and its enterprise AR solutions, click here. For more information on Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge platform, click here.

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