HaptX announces partnership with Haption to integrate their haptic technologies


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HaptX, a provider of realistic haptic gloves for virtual reality (VR) and robotics, has today announced a multi-year, exclusive partnership with Haption, a France-based producer of force feedback devices, to accelerate the commercial introduction of full-body haptic devices.

HaptX Gloves are a haptic wearable with true-contact haptics that physically displace the user’s skin the way a real object would. The gloves feature more than 130 points of tactile feedback and 40 lbs of force feedback per hand, as well as a proprietary magnetic motion capture system.

According to the companies, the integration of HaptX’s haptic wearables and Haption’s force feedback devices will enable an increased level of immersion and realism for professionals in training and simulation, industrial design, and robotics. In addition, with the announcement of the partnership, Haption will discontinue the production of its HGlove haptic gloves and will now exclusively market HaptX Gloves to its customers.

Haption’s Virtuose 6D force feedback platform.

“HaptX has invested nearly a decade of research and development to design and manufacture haptic devices for the hand and beyond,” said Jake Rubin, founder and CEO of HaptX. “We’re excited to leverage Haption’s commercially proven Virtuose platform to help bring our transformative technology from lab to marketplace.”

“Haption has developed advanced force feedback systems for over 20 years,” said Jérôme Perret, CEO of Haption. “We’re thrilled to combine our best-in-class force feedback with HaptX’s unique true-contact haptics to deliver a new level of fidelity and immersion for our customers’ mission-critical applications.”

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