Auganix is a leading online source of AR and VR news and XR industry intelligence.

The website was established with an aim of being the go-to provider of news articles, reporting, and analysis on the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry.

With staff situated in both Vancouver, Canada, and Bristol, England, our goal is to provide up-to-date information on the industry as a whole.

Auganix also provides industry reports and research material, as well as an ever growing pool of knowledge and resources through our HUD portal.

About the Auganix HUD

The Auganix HUD is our user portal that profiles several key companies operating within the AR/VR sector.

We do our best to keep information on the HUD portal as up to date as possible. All information provided is correct at the time of research and writing, however, due to the nature of the information provided, as companies or staff members often undergo change, we cannot guarantee that all information is accurate at the time of reading. We time stamp company profile information to inform users as best we can as to the accuracy of information presented on the HUD.

If you would like to request an update to any information on one of the many companies that we profile, please submit an update request to

If you would like to be a contributor to any of the content on this website, then please get in touch!



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