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January 13, 2020 – Mobile gaming technology company, Black Shark, was at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 for the first time last week, showcasing its portable gaming station aimed at providing the ultimate gaming experience for mobile gamers. Whilst at CES, Black Shark disclosed its ambition to launch a 5G gaming phone in Q1 2020, as it embraces the wave of cloud gaming.

The company was also in attendance at CES in partnership with makers of mixed reality glasses, Nreal. Black Shark is aiming to transform the gaming experience with new industry-leading mobile gaming solutions designed to enable gamers to experience more innovative and immersive gameplay. As part of its partnership announced last year with Nreal, Black Shark stated that it is dedicated to paving the way for gamers to experience Mixed Reality (MR) gameplay.

“Following our success in last year, we continue to create Black Shark’s gaming ecosystem based on hardware, software and services, to provide the best gaming experience to global gamers. Black Shark is happy to partner with Nreal at CES 2020 as our Black Shark 2 Pro and Nreal Light mark the future of a new generation of gaming together, and we’re excited to be collaborating on to achieve more in the future”, said Yang Sun, Vice President of Marketing at Black Shark Global.

According to Black Shark, the partnership with Nreal is aimed at empowering mobile gamers without being constrained by a handheld screen, and instead offers an immersive gaming experience with MR-unique interactions. Last week at CES, Black Shark demonstrated its advanced MR gaming experience with its Black Shark 2 Pro tethered with Nreal’s ‘Nreal Light’ mixed reality glasses, as well as Black Shark’s gaming accessories. CES attendees were able to experience mixed reality game demos, including: “Kingdom of Blades,” an MR slicing action game where players slice through and defeat waves of enemies; “Zombie Bomber AR,” a casual FPS that requires players to throw bombs at an oncoming wave of zombies, using the smartphone as a controller; and “Corner Fight”, which introduces an arcade-style side-scrolling fighter game that uses Black Shark’s dual wielded controller.

Black Shark’s portable gaming station device and gaming accessories provide four different ways to play, including:

  1. Left-side console mode: By plugging in the left side version Black Shark Gamepad on the Black Shark gaming phone, gamers can control in-game movement by using the joystick. For FPS games, the gamepad also plays an important function in preventing the hand from blocking the screen, allowing players to spot enemies thanks to a wider view.
  2. Double-side console mode: With extensions to both sides of the phone, Black Shark’s double-side gamepads feature a joystick on the left, and touchpad and ABXY buttons on the right, as well as a shoulder button on the top of both gamepads, which can be used as “L” and “R” keys.
  3. Cooling wafer console mode: The Black Shark Cooling Case helps the device to maintain high performance in demanding or long games. With a unique vented build and integrated wafer heatsink, the Black Shark Cooling Case pushes maximum mobile gaming performance with the addition of powerful external cooling fans.
  4. Host mode: The Black Shark Gamepad can transform into a console pad with the Black Shark Gamepad Stand, turning the device into an at-home gaming console, allowing users to play Android games on a TV at full 4K resolution with low latency, according to the company.

The Black Shark 2 Pro is available for purchase from the company’s website with prices starting at USD $599.

Image credit: Black Shark/Twitter

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