IO Intelligence announces partnership with ThirdEye for enterprise Mixed Reality

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January 13, 2020 – IO Intelligence, provider of telecommunications and IoT business solutions,  and a T-Mobile partner, announced recently its partnership with ThirdEye Gen, Inc., the maker of the new binocular X2 Mixed Reality (MR) Glasses.

“We are very excited to partner with ThirdEye Gen at this pivotal time of making MR solutions a reality for businesses and enterprises,” said Tanvir Rahman, President and Founder of IO Intelligence. “IO Intelligence’s Telecom and Internet of Things (IoT) experience and expertise, combined with ThirdEye’s MR domain leadership, will accelerate innovation and improve ROI for business and enterprise MR mobile solutions. Our access to leading cellular network connectivity and R&D knowledge brings instant value to ThirdEye’s customers as well as ensuring a successful integration with 5G technology.”

ThirdEye’s Android-based X2 MR Glasses weigh about 300 grams, offer a 42-degree field of view, and provide advanced MR features such as HD video streaming thanks to a 13-megapixel camera on the glasses, head gaze/motion, audio commands, and gesture controls.

“ThirdEye is excited to partner with IO Intelligence to bring an all-in-one enterprise package via telecom providers to a new segment of enterprise customers,” said Nick Cherukuri, Founder and CEO of ThirdEye. “This will include our hardware and software solutions as well as a hotspot for 5G connectivity.”

ThirdEye announced last week at CES 2020 that its X2 Mixed Reality Glasses are now available for purchase for USD $1,950 and are mass shipping worldwide.

Image credit: IO Intelligence

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