CareAR announces launch of CareAR Instruct, Drone Support, and its acquisition of CraftAR

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November 10, 2021 – CareAR, an augmented reality (AR) and AI visual support platform company that provides real-time access to expertise for customers, employees and field technicians, has this week announced the launch of CareAR Instruct, Drone support, as well as the acquisition of CraftAR.

According to the company, CareAR Instruct creates and consolidates all types of instructional content delivered with context, enabling self-solve and self-service experiences. New and existing 2D and 3D content, including PDF’s, knowledge base articles, and videos are visually served up into a personalized AR-based self-guided instructional session. As part of Instruct, paper manuals or documents can be converted from physical to digital or visual formats. Users have the ability to easily scan, detect and author labels and process flows of step-by-step AR instructions with visual overlays on physical or digital assets. 

CareAR Instruct uses Computer Vision, AI/Machine Learning for 3D object and part detection, object and part tracking, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for intelligent search and content discovery. As a result, visual state detection powered by AI is also part of the Instruct offering, ensuring each step is performed properly and consistently allowing for highly accurate outcomes.

“The market potential is massive and the feedback has been amazing. Whether used for unboxing, replacing a part, or following a series of required steps during an installation procedure or maintenance activity, CareAR Instruct empowers both customers and skilled field techs with greater abilities to perform and complete those tasks,” said Chetan Gandhi, CareAR’s Chief Product Officer. “CareAR Instruct provides an intuitive and powerful tool that augments the intelligence of those users by making knowledge accessible instantly at the time of need.” 

In addition to CareAR Instruct, CareAR is now supporting visual AR for drones, further enhancing the range of supported devices from desktop to drones, including mobile phones, tablets, and smart glasses. Multi-party visual AR collaboration sessions allow participants to see in real-time what a drone sees. Drone support delivers visual access to hard-to-reach locations such as bridges, towers, and rooftops. Use case examples include for first responders, who can benefit from drone support in safety related situations. The ability to visually collaborate with AR and process geo-location data delivers new levels of service and supportability. Additionally, CareAR drone support provides live HD video, content capture of images and recordings as an extended service or support workflow. 

Finally, there is CareAR’s acquisition of CraftAR, an image recognition platform designed to create, manage and deliver AR enriched experiences. CraftAR’s SDK, API’s and content creator allows for an easy approach to embed image recognition and AR experiences into applications triggering an immersive AR experience overlaid on top of an image or physical objects. The company stated that the acquisition of CraftAR will help to further bolster CareAR’s capabilities in providing rich visualization of service, support and marketing experiences.

“CareAR is committed to help reinvent the service experience. The recent announcement of our innovations and acquisitions reinforce that commitment as a market leader,” said CareAR’s President, Sam Waicberg. “Customer satisfaction is becoming more crucial than ever as organizations strive to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. CareAR’s continued effort to deliver game changing remote and self-solve capabilities, through our visual AR and AI powered platform, uniquely positions us to drive exceptional customer experiences and outcomes which is at the heart of what we do.” 

The company made these announcements as part of its presence at Augmented World Expo (AWE), taking place Nov. 9-11 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. CareAR is exhibiting in booth 413, where it is featuring a live demonstration of its product portfolio, including the newly announced offerings, demo of CareAR Instruct and newly acquired CraftAR platform. For more information on CareAR, please visit the company’s website.

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