Dispelix announces launch of DPX 30° near-eye display for AR and MR devices


May 2, 2019 – Dispelix has announced the launch of the DPX 30° see-through near-eye display for use in augmented reality and mixed reality eyewear and headsets. The DPX 30° near-eye diffractive waveguide display delivers a full-color augmented reality experience with a 30-degree field of view.

The DPX 30° specifications include a small light incoupling area, 2D exit pupil expansion, and a large eye-box. The company stated in a press release that “the combination of these features is designed to enable the creation of a new generation of AR glasses with an ultra-compact form factor.”

Further specifications are as follows:

Field of view: 30 degrees (diagonal)
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Eye relief: 20 mm
Eye box dimension: 16 x 12 mm / 4 mm pupil
Input pupil diameter: 5 mm (circular)
Input pupil standoff: 0.5 mm
Image focus distance:
LED centre wavelengths: Red 620 nm / Green 520 nm / Blue 460 nm

Dispelix is offering the waveguide display alone or as part of a turnkey module that includes an optical engine to enable companies to develop their own AR eyewear products. The Dispelix-supplied optical engine is a DLP projector that can provide a display resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, and weighs just 9 grams.

Antti Sunnari, CEO at Dispelix, commented: “With the DPX 30° we’ve managed to do something that no-one else has managed before – combine high performance with an ultra-thin design that can also be mass produced”.

According to Dispelix, the mass production ramp up of the DPX 30° waveguide displays and modules is currently underway. The DPX 30° developer kit is also available for ordering now.

Video credit: Dispelix/YouTube

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