eLearning Brothers launches 3D Model support within its Virtual Reality course authoring platform


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August 25, 2020 – eLearning Brothers, a provider of custom training development solutions for immersive learning, has today announced the addition of 3D model support within its virtual reality (VR) course authoring platform, CenarioVR, which the company acquired in May this year. In light of global restrictions around in-person learning, the launch of 3D object support within its immersive learning tool will help to make virtual experiences more life-like, according to the company.

“Having the ability to include 3D objects in learning is great because it allows us to add another level of depth and realism into our projects,” stated Lyle Colon, Lead Developer for Interactive Learning Experience. “Simply put, this new feature makes our immersive learning even more immersive.”

By adding 3D object support, eLearning developers can quickly add an object in GLB format that can be rotated in 3D space, positioned, and animated. Plus, they can use it as a hotspot to trigger animated movement, bringing an online immersive experience to life.

“The demand for 3D object support has been increasing over time, especially now that training in virtual reality is becoming a more widespread learning strategy,” commented John Blackmon, CTO at eLearning Brothers. “By adding this feature, authors can make immersive experiences even more powerful.”

In addition to 3D model support, CenarioVR also introduces a built-in library that includes 3D objects, 3D shapes, icons, and other images to help accelerate the authoring process. Currently offered as a stand-alone product or part of the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites, eLearning Brothers offers desktop, cloud-based, and VR authoring tools within one integrated package.

eLearning Brothers states that its products allow the company to serve a wider customer base for more personalized, integrated, and measurable online professional development and corporate learning. Whether businesses and learning professionals choose to build their own training courses, outsource custom training development, or buy off-the-shelf courses and learning games, eLearning Brothers’ solutions combine VR technology with learning content in order to help businesses achieve their learning goals.

For more information on eLearning Brothers’ Cenario VR platform, please click here.

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