Trivantis, creator of CenarioVR Virtual Reality course builder, acquired by eLearning Brothers, which has itself received USD $38 million investment

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May 5, 2020 – RLG Capital and Trinity Private Equity Group have today announced a USD $38 million investment in learning solutions company eLearning Brothers, enabling its simultaneous acquisition of industry innovators Trivantis and Edulence. Co-investors include HCAP Partners and Eagle Marsh Holdings with a senior debt facility provided by KeyBank N.A.

eLearning Brothers announced its acquisition of Trivantis and Edulence at the end of April. Trivantis stated that as a result of the merge, the companies will be better placed to provide customers with a more robust portfolio of solutions to serve their training needs. Trivantis added that it has been working together with eLearning Brothers for years, and that it has been utilizing the company’s asset library as part of its own Lectora platform since Version 12.

“Lectora, CenarioVR, and Knowledgelink greatly increase our ability to deliver a complete eLearning solution for the corporate learning industry,” said Andrew Scivally, eLearning Brothers Co-founder and CEO. “They allow us to serve a wider customer base in the face of increased demand for more personalized, integrated, and measurable online professional development and corporate learning. While steadily growing for years, this trend is accelerating in part due to the coronavirus created movement to a larger remote workforce.”

Today’s confirmation of the investment amount received by eLearning Brothers helps to launch the company as an eLearning platform that combines courses and content with Trivantis’ Lectora platform, a rapid authoring tool, as well as its CenarioVR platform, a virtual reality course builder; along with Edulence’s KnowledgeLink, a learning management system (LMS), creating a complete online ecosystem to help serve learning professionals.

The CenarioVR platform allows creators to upload any image or 360-degree video and turn it into a virtual reality training course by selecting starting scenes and adding questions, hotspots, and interactivity to the video, allowing those in training to interact with the video by more than simply just watching. Content can then be viewed on a variety of VR headsets, as well as on web browsers and mobile devices.

“This investment combines the industry-leading courses and content of eLearning Brothers with best-in-class eLearning technology products Lectora, CenarioVR, and KnowledgeLink to create a complete online solution for the corporate learning industry,” said Greg Robinson, Founder and Managing Partner of RLG Capital.

“In the challenging era of COVID-19, this new eLearning platform comes just in time to serve a growing global demand for quality online programs that are customized and fully-integrated to meet professional development and continuous education needs,” added Sanjay Chandra, Managing Partner at Trinity Private Equity Group.

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