Enhatch and Holo-Light partner to launch streaming platform to deliver AR and VR surgical training

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June 28, 2022 – Enhatch, creator of an ‘Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem’ that connects companies, technologies, and surgeons to streamline clinical workflows and personalize surgery, has recently announced a partnership with Hololight, a company that specializes in immersive technologies, to deliver a new extended reality (XR) streaming platform for intraoperative procedures and surgical training using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

The partnership will allow surgical teams to train virtually, both independently and in a collaborative environment, in AR and VR through XR streaming technology that enables a high level of detail and performance for a faster and safer way of developing, experiencing, and interacting with 3D content, according to the companies.

Enhatch’s Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline each phase of surgery, as well as help to improve patient outcomes, efficiency and accuracy in patient-specific procedures. 

Hololight’s ‘XRnow’ immersive streaming platform for AR and VR brings the power of the cloud to mobile XR devices to offer ‘Streaming as a Service.’ XRnow merges Hololight’s ISAR SDK remote rendering software with its AR3S XR application for engineers and designers to work and collaborate on 3D CAD models

By embedding Hololight’s real-time streaming technology into Enhatch’s Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem, it will allow for the visualization and manipulation of 2D and 3D content during virtual training and surgeries, creating a scalable solution for AR/VR in the operating room. 

“AR and VR are gaining significant traction within the medical community, but it comes with heavy development costs,” said Peter Verrillo, CEO of Enhatch. “With the ability to access this valuable data in a streaming format, surgeons can view high-resolution 3D models in surgery, in cadaver labs or in their living rooms. This partnership creates a scalable on-demand model, which will make AR/VR accessible to organizations that previously felt the investment was out of reach.”

The Enhatch ecosystem can be used to deploy existing assets such as 3D models of instruments, surgical training videos and other interactive content for a low fee per use.

“Our powerful XR streaming platform can greatly improve intraoperative conditions and patient outcomes,” noted Florian Haspinger, CEO of Hololight. “We are pleased to partner with Enhatch to deploy this growing technology globally to improve surgical outcomes.”

For more information on Enhatch and its Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem, click here. To find out more about Hololight and its XR streaming solutions, click here.

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