Enterprise XR solutions provider Cavrnus demonstrates its metaverse builder platform at NFT|LA

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March 30, 2022 – Cavrnus, Inc., a provider of extended reality (XR) solutions for enterprise, is this week demonstrating its Cavrnus metaverse builder platform at the inaugural NFT|LA conference in Los Angeles, CA. The company states that its metaverse builder platform is designed to deliver the next generation of fully-immersive human-centered digital experiences to Web3 and NFT builders, thinkers and enthusiasts.

Cavrnus’ ‘Destination Metaverse: You’ experience at NFT|LA allows attendees the opportunity to interact in real-time with their favorite 2D or 3D NFT artwork, where they will also receive a personalized .GIF of the moment to share with friends and have their NFT artwork become part of a living virtual museum. Visitors to the booth will also receive their own Destination Metaverse: You space free for 30-days, pre-populated with their NFT artwork and unlocked so they can customize it to make it their own.

The Cavrnus Destination Metaverse: You experience is being powered by the Cavrnus SDK and Cavrnus Unity Plug-in. Cavrnus stated that the experience is allowing creators to see for themselves the power of its tools that bring immersive visions to life, as well as Cavrnus’ ability to deliver those experiences to customers, collectors and fans. Public guest links also allow online event visitors to join the virtual living museum that is housing all the 2D and 3D NFT artwork, allowing guests to exchange ideas, collaborate and inspire conversations around digital asset sharing or creation well beyond NFT|LA. 

Cavrnus’ platform offers features including an Unreal Engine plug-in that instantly transforms Unreal Engine projects into multi-person, voice and video-driven, persistent experiences. Coupled with the Cavrnus SDK and journal, the Cavrnus UE plug-in integrates into existing 3D workflows to provide vivid, true-to-life immersive experiences that can help to bring brands, art, culture, gaming and sports together in new ways. The company’s demonstration projects highlight a virtual fashion show, an immersive luxury automobiles purchasing journey, and an interactive cultural experience that drives community building.

Cavrnus CEO and Co-founder, Anthony Duca is speaking at NFT|LA this week on the ‘Architecture and Interoperability’ panel, where he will be sharing his view on the importance of creators for widespread adoption of the metaverse. Commenting on the event, Duca said: “I’ve been involved in the 3D computer graphics field for over 20 years helping to build tools that simplify processes for creators. Creators are an essential part of how the metaverse will take shape and grow, ultimately envisioning what will become the experience internet in our journey to further human connection and understanding.”

Cavrnus will be showcasing its platform from booth #118 at NFT|LA this week from March 28-31. For more information on Cavrnus and its metaverse builder platform, please visit the company’s website.

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