EON Reality adds former Magic Leap SVP John Gaeta to its advisory board

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January 15, 2020 – EON Reality, provider of augmented and virtual reality-based knowledge and skills transfer services for industry and education, has announced the addition of John Gaeta to its international Advisory Board.

Gaeta, who garnered attention for coming up with the technological methods behind the visual effects of The Matrix trilogy, served as the SVP of Creative Strategy at Magic Leap for over two years as his latest stint in the world of immersive technology.

Over the last two decades, Gaeta’s dedication to finding immersive and intuitive new ways to tell stories and convey information has made him a powerful contributor to the augmented and virtual reality industry. Now, he looks forward to conveying some of that wisdom to EON Reality in an advisory role.

“My exposure to the untapped power of immersive and experiential platforms has led me to realize that it is becoming possible to transcend many currently perceived human limits,” Gaeta said. “Limits that have been fabricated by a world struggling to comprehend accelerated change and complexity, balance resources, educate people of all ages, evolve economies or grow intuitively into the future.

“EON Reality’s mission is to provide a next-generation platform for enabling immersive and intuitive ‘knowledge transfer’ to help push past limits,” Gaeta continued. “They provide access to solutions that benefit people, companies, industries and institutions alike. It’s my pleasure to advise them and support them in reaching these goals.”

From EON Reality’s perspective, the company has stated that welcoming Gaeta as an advisor couldn’t have happened at a better time. EON Reality noted that an overhaul of its AVR Platform and associated materials is set to take place in early 2020, and the introduction of new influential voices such as Gaeta’s will help support a smooth transition and accelerated growth of the company’s AVR product.

“EON Reality is planning bigger things than ever this year, and we’re very happy that John Gaeta will be a part of that,” said Dan Lejerskar, EON Reality Founder. “Having someone with insight like his will help us expand our global network and improve our products to offer customers an unparalleled experience. We are extremely excited to have a creative vision like John’s on board.”

Image credit: John Gaeta/EON Reality

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