EON Reality and Toyota Material Handling announce partnership to utilize AR and VR solutions

March 28, 2019 – EON Reality and Toyota Material Handling have announced the establishment of a partnership to implement Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) technology for both training purposes and to support Toyota’s Customer Lean Transformation.

The pairing will combine EON Reality’s flagship AVR Platform with the Toyota Production System, a methodology developed by Toyota to maximize efficiency in production. The first collaboration is dedicated to 5S workplace methodology training, but the companies’ shared vision of Industry 4.0 will allow AVR solutions to be used for training, sales, and maintenance purposes.

At this month’s EON Experience Fest 2019 in Bologna, Italy, EON Reality and Toyota Material Handling Italia will demonstrate the first beta product and better outline the partnership’s ultimate goals. Early AVR training modules will focus on forklift operators and drivers before moving into areas such as Toyota’s automated warehouses. The two companies will then work together in joint workshops to decide how to best accelerate the use of AVR technology in Toyota’s portion of the industrial sector.

Image credit: EON Reality

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