Medivis announces AR anatomy education platform ‘AnatomyX’

March 29, 2019 – Medical imaging and visualization company Medivis has announced the launch of ‘AnatomyX’, its augmented reality (AR) platform for anatomy education. Currently enabled on Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap One, AnatomyX offers any member of a large university or medical institution (students, instructors and administrators) an enterprise-grade learning platform for the study of human anatomy, physiology and pathology.

According to the company, the benefits and features of AnatomyX include:

  • Life-Like Detail: Provides access to models of male and female bodies from real patient CT/MRI imaging, with more than 5,000 unique structures that are continuously updated for ever-growing detail. Each model includes advanced textures, normal maps and lighting for a photorealistic experience.
  • Interactive Design: Users can access more than 100 voice commands for easy navigation by system and/or region. Hand gesture controls using the latest in computer vision technology are also available along with advanced speech recognition API for medical terminology. Exclusively with Magic Leap, an optional six-degree-of-freedom control is integrated for precise interactions.
  • Dashboards: Secure accounts can be created on the platform for every student, professor and administrator. All data, including quiz/test results, is securely stored in the Medivis cloud infrastructure. The platform’s analytics then allow for instructor insight into student and class progress.
  • Multi-User Collaboration: The platform allows for real-time collaboration with up to 20 users simultaneously and advanced modes including dissection, isolation, and mastery. The platform provides self-exploration and/or guided instruction.

“AnatomyX has evolved from an app to a rich platform for the interactive study of human anatomy,” said Jennifer Esposito, Vice President, Health at Magic Leap. “AnatomyX pushes the boundaries of Magic Leap’s technology – incorporating unique interaction elements and user sensing capabilities to provide students and instructors an innovative platform to learn and teach. We’re thrilled to be a part of Medivis’ journey as they take anatomy education to new heights.”

Medical institutions and universities such as West Coast University are already using AnatomyX to accelerate their learning curriculums. According to Medivis, initial research from pilot institutions has shown 15% higher student performance on standardized assessments, 90% of students reported enhanced understanding of curriculum material,     and 90% of students reported strong value with the overall learning experience.

Medivis stated that pilot partnerships are available to assess the quantitative and qualitative enhancements to the student educational experience. Participants gain access to the Medivis library of content and comprehensive technical support. For more information on how to join the program, visit

Image credit: Medivis

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