EON Reality announces “EASI” updates to its Augmented and Virtual Reality platform

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September 27, 2019 – At the Immersive Learning Summit in Italy this week, EON Reality has announced changes will be coming to its Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) Platform and its associated products, following an update to the platform to EON 10. The updates are based on four driving principles that EON states are behind every product decision it is making. These are: “Effortless, Affordable, Self-Service, and Interconnected”, or “EASI”.

Breaking EASI down to its core, EON has adopted a new user experience to make learning the AVR Platform Effortless. With over 860,000 new 3D assets available, saving money on asset and lesson development creates an Affordable solution. The Self-Service aspect comes from providing a brand new first-time user experience along with the other additions, meaning users won’t need to rely on anyone to explain even the most complex actions. Finally, EON has introduced new Interconnected features to its Creator AVR and Virtual Trainer platforms, which the company states will make moving 3D content from one platform to the other easier.

Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality, commented: “The Immersive Learning Summit has been a tremendous success so far. Along with our many existing clients who came to the event to see our latest updates and offerings, potential new partners from all over the world visited our office in Bologna to discuss business possibilities for the near future. It is a marvelous time for both EON Reality and the future of VR and AR training and education.”

EON Reality also covered the two recent additions to the asset side of the AVR Platform whilst at the summit: Cloud Conversion and The Vault.

The new Cloud Conversion tool utilizes SAP to allow CAD models to be seamlessly imported into the AVR Platform. For users that don’t want to import their own models, EON Reality’s Vault will provide a password-protected browsing experience where clients can look through some of the previous models that EON has created for select projects and see if they can be modified for the client’s future usage.

Additionally, EON 10 adds a handful of new features focused on functionality improvements, such as imported Creator AVR and CAD models now being fully useable on Oculus and Vive headsets. This means users will now be able to transition the same content from their phone to a head-mounted device at any time.

Creator AVR itself also sees a couple of significant changes, in that users can now base their lessons around 360 degree images and videos with interactive points. Combined with the new ability to incorporate PDF files into lessons and courses, educators and trainers now have a new way to share information and knowledge in an immersive environment — with more supported format types to come soon, according to the company.

The new updates also include some UI tweaks and will continue to be implemented and refined in the near future.

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