EON Reality announces new functionalities for education to its AVR platform

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November 18, 2019 – EON Reality has announced a series of new functionalities to its flagship augmented and virtual reality (AVR) platform, which the company anticipates will help make AR and VR technology mainstream for education. The latest updates allow teachers to create 3D and VR lessons in 15 minutes, without any prior coding experience or knowledge.

“Given the extensive studies in the efficacy of VR and AR education by leading universities around the world, I was stumped as to why they themselves were not embracing it as wholeheartedly as they should be,” said EON Reality’s Founder, Dan Lejerskar.

EON Reality stated that after extensive rounds of consultation with academics and teaching experts, the new update is geared towards solving the problem of implementing AR and VR within an educational setting, which often involves a prohibitively expensive and time-consuming process of content creation.

“I envisioned the AVR platform as the go-to VR and AR resource for teachers, and that is what it has become,” Lejerskar added. “Part of our new update includes access to a library of more than 870,000 3D assets and 1,200 ready-made applications across all topics that can be used to create enthralling, immersive learning experiences immediately.”

According to the company, teachers are now able to enhance existing curricula by uploading their own models or 360-degree videos to create, customize, and simulate experiential lessons, without the need for VR or AR headsets. The platform also includes collaborative learning features which allow for student and teacher discussions in real-time.

Dr. Peter Looker, Head of Learning, Teaching and Pedagogy Division at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, commented: “The transformation in learning has been about recognizing that students learn best if they are doing something, rather than sitting in lectures.” Looker added, “VR technology can change the whole conception of where, when, and how in relation to student learning.”

EON Reality will also be sharing strategies for immersive learning in a series of webinars this month. The first webinar, held last Wednesday, provided insights and strategies to deploy VR and AR more extensively in the classroom.

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