EON Reality announces US Air Force expands its VR and AR use of its AVR Platform

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June 15, 2020 – EON Reality has recently announced that the US Air Force has expanded its virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) use of the company’s AVR Platform. The news comes after EON Reality initially won a nationwide competition and was awarded a contract to serve as the platform for 3D models and VR content through the US Air Force’s AFWERX program.

The Air Force began using EON Reality’s flagship AVR Platform, which offers hardware-agnostic content creation and distribution functionalities, as its primary method of importing and sharing detailed CAD files to use for VR and AR maintenance and training purposes. According to EON Reality, this helped to grow the relationship between the two organizations from a singular experimental pilot program to an ongoing partnership with the potential of even further expansion.

The partnership has also offered insight into the use cases for EON Reality’s AVR platform, highlighting how new users can create and share instructional lessons and detailed models for complex procedures in a very short amount of time. Much like the AVR Platform’s existing use among academic institutions and private businesses around the world, a government entity such as the Air Force is able to improve its VR and AR efficiency through the use of the tools provided in EON Reality’s AVR service.

Commenting on the partnership, Mats Johansson, President of EON Reality, said: “Working with a branch of the military like this has been nothing short of an absolute honor. I am thrilled that EON Reality is able to help the people who serve our country in our own unique way, and I am certain that the AVR Platform can be a game-changer for many types of military personnel. I look forward to our ongoing work together and hope to be able to expand this alliance even further in the future.”

More information on EON Reality’s work with the US Air Force will be available in future use cases and press releases, according to the company.

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