EON Reality partners with NEST to bring AR and VR center of excellence to Kuwait

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September 25, 2020 – EON Reality, a provider of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, has this week announced a new partnership with the National company for Educational Services and Training (NEST) in Kuwait, to bring an AR and VR center to the region.

The companies state that the new Augmented and Virtual Reality Cluster Center (ACC) will be an exclusive center of excellence in the region for lifelong learning dissemination of AR and VR-based knowledge transfer solutions, as well as cultural hub for co-creation and learning for all XR entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and students.

The ACC aims to become the largest innovation, development and startup center dedicated to VR and AR technologies in Kuwait, according to EON Reality, and will provide access to a state-of-the-art XR showroom, development lab, and a VR Innovation Academy, which will train new VR and AR professionals to grow the local XR economy and empower graduates to start their own XR companies.

NEST is a fully owned subsidiary of the National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) and a Kuwaiti governmentally owned organization, which focuses on transferring knowledge and technology into Kuwait and the region, as well as the diversification of the nation’s revenue streams. By developing the ACC in Kuwait, the companies hope it will help to kickstart the ‘EdTech’ movement within the country while also helping both small and large businesses to adopt modern technologies.

EON Reality has already begun working with NEST to develop agreements with local academic institutions as well as major players in Kuwait’s primary and existing industry of oil and gas. Through these partnerships, NEST and EON Reality hope to spread digital transformation across the country, with rollouts happening throughout academia and enterprise.

Commenting on the new partnership, Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality, said: “I see this partnership with NEST becoming a very valuable agreement and one of our strongest centers in the Middle East and western Asia. Kuwait is a country that is primed for a digital revolution, and I believe that EON Reality could be the driving force in helping students, teachers, employers, and employees to modernize their learning and training techniques for every topic and industry. I cannot wait to start building a new culture around this center and assisting the Kuwaiti people.”

EON Reality added that for Kuwait, the ACC marks a significant step in the nation’s movement to embrace high-end technology to move the country’s economy away from its traditional dependencies on oil and gas. By welcoming the rapidly growing field of AR and VR, NEST will be putting itself in a position to expand into several other industries and take a leadership position within the region in technology as well.

“NEST encompassed a mission to lead both government and private sectors in the development and application of leading-edge technology; and a vision to become the Middle East’s technology & knowledge transfer platform. Through NEST’s partnership with EON Reality and launching the XR Hub in Kuwait, our society’s training and learning mechanisms will evolve and ultimately we will be equipping our future Kuwaiti leaders with cutting edge technologies and anchoring an innovative educational center”, said Anas Meerza, Group CEO of NTEC.

For more information on EON Reality and its XR industry offerings, please visit the company’s website.

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