EON Reality partners with Stati Holding to establish Augmented and Virtual Reality center in Moldova

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June 21, 2019 – EON Reality Inc., together with Stati Holding, has announced the establishment of an Interactive Digital Center (IDC) in Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova. The IDC will bring exclusive access to augmented and virtual reality technology to the region, and will serve as a valuable global outsourcing center for EON Reality.

Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality, said: “Opening a brand new Interactive Digital Center in Moldova with Stati Holding will help us bring AVR technology to an exciting and rapidly growing region of the world. By bringing the AVR Platform to new areas, we can help academic institutions, businesses, and entrepreneurs future-proof their endeavors all over the world. We look forward to increasing efficiency and production throughout Bessarabia with our AVR solutions.”

As EON Reality’s point of entry into the region, Moldova will host the IDC’s VR Innovation Academy, where advanced technology students can specialize in Augmented and Virtual Reality development, coding, modeling, and animation with a focus on industrial, medical, and educational uses. The students will have access to the R&D facilities as well as the rest of the IDC, and will learn from EON Reality’s AVR teachers.

EON Reality stated that by not only introducing the technology itself, but by also training the next generation of certified AVR experts, it is hoping to provide a boost to the local and regional economy through widespread adoption of AVR solutions, and is one of the reasons Stati Holding is embracing this partnership.

Alexander Gorbenco, Managing Director of the Interactive Digital Center in Moldova, commented: “We cannot feel the limits of this partnership. We are pleased by the EON international team and its solutions in fields we never thought of. EON has the foresight to move and invest its time and resources towards the future — not just follow the market — but to develop and implement its future needs. It’s an honor and pleasant challenge for us to keep up with this extraordinary team with outstanding history and make sure we step in to the future together.”

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