EON Reality re-brands its AVR Platform to “EON-XR” and adds new features

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September 3, 2020 – EON Reality, a provider of augmented and virtual reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, has unveiled the release of EON-XR, the new name for the company’s all-encompassing solution for XR learning and training, previously referred to as the AVR platform. In addition to a re-brand, the platform also has some new features and improvements added to it.

Through the use of XR — the umbrella covering everything in AR, VR, and mixed reality (MR) — the new evolution of EON-XR marks a step forward for a world in which remote learning is more important than ever, according to the company. EON Reality states that its new EON-XR offering brings a new user experience built from the ground up to maximize ease of use for both new and existing features.

One of the biggest new features in EON-XR is the ability to hold a remote immersive session as a team through a multi-user feature. This feature enables instructors to add XR learning components to remote education materials, providing a more hands-on way for students and trainees to experience topics in real time, something that the company states will be particularly useful in conjunction with EON-XR’s life-size AR scaling capabilities.

Rather than a small photo in a textbook, EON-XR allows teachers and trainers to utilize full-size 3D models, Interactive 360° images, and 360° videos to bring audiences face-to-face with the subject matter. EON-XR also provides AR assistance in real time, so that users receive contextual instructions when they need them, whether in a ‘Side by Side’ AR mode or in an ‘Overlaid’ AR mode.

Two other major improvements in EON-XR are the ability to create multiple 3D recordings within the same session — allowing instructors to quickly create and demonstrate detailed procedures and aspects of a 3D model (such as a piece of equipment or interactive environment) in XR — and the ability to add 360° videos to lessons focusing on a 3D object. EON Reality added that from a remote education perspective this means that teachers and trainers can show how an object functions, along with exactly how and where it fits within a larger real-life scenario.

While these features are all fully functional on computers, smartphones, and tablets, users who prefer to experience EON-XR while wearing an XR headset (such as an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Magic Leap) will be able to enjoy some exclusive new features as well, according to the company.

EON-XR also includes a new 3D assessment tool, which allows for live XR procedural assessment, enabling instructors to test their pupils’ education. At the end of each assessment, EON-XR shows the user a report based on their performance, which is also provided to appropriate instructors. This report includes completion percentage, any additional or inaccurate steps, and the amount of time in which it was completed.

Functionality with XR headsets also includes a new Search Assist feature that allows users to search the internet for relevant information about memos and annotations within an XR experience, without having to leave the application.

For more information on EON Reality’s EON-XR platform, please visit the company’s website.

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