Geenee AR combines Stable Diffusion generative AI with AR for text-to-image virtual fashion

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November 9, 2022 – Geenee AR, a provider of a low-code web-browser based augmented reality (WebAR) software platform, has announced that it has combined its body tracking SDK with Stable Diffusion generative AI, to enable real-time wearable and customizable virtual fashion on any connected device.

In recent months, text-to-image AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications, including Dall-e 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion have been released to the public. These powerful, generative creator tools can instantly transform any written phrase into a series of stunning visual images, drastically simplifying the asset creation process.

Simultaneously, Geenee AR has enhanced the virtual try-on experience by delivering full-body tracking to the web browser with its augmented reality (AR) engine. The company stated that through the combination of the two technologies, it is now possible to create instantly customizable and wearable virtual apparel in a matter of seconds.

“AI is abbreviating the time to create, and paired with AR that creation instantly becomes a living experience. In a short time we’re talking about an endless virtual closet, only limited by your imagination,” says Beaugart Gerber, Vice President at Geenee AR. 

The new demo, which starts out with a plain white hoodie, allows users to type in any phrase to generate an image that instantly applies as texture to the sweatshirt. Users can move through different options, or enter a new phrase to generate a new series of images. A demo of the new capability can be found here

Geenee AR stated that it envisions the use cases for its new solution to include marketing campaigns, (e.g. ugly holiday sweaters), tokenized Web3 apparel, and in-game avatar customization as potential examples.

For more information on Geenee AR and its solution that combines AR and AI, please visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Geenee AR

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