Spatial announces partnership with Exclusible and Polycount to bring luxury virtual real estate to the metaverse

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November 9, 2022 – Spatial, the Web3 home that allows creatives to build their online worlds and connect and share immersive digital experiences via web, mobile or virtual reality (VR) headset, has recently announced an official partnership with Exclusible, to bring luxury to the metaverse through its new collection of virtual real estate.

Exclusible, in collaboration with Polycount, the official metaverse architectural studio, will launch two new spaces—a yacht and water house—exclusively on Spatial’s immersive and photo-realistic platform. Spatial has also announced Live Explore and Social Profiles to improve discoverability of popular spaces across the platform, which sees users spend over 4 million minutes in Spatial each week, according to the company. 

The new luxury yacht space in Spatial

The yacht is 109 sq m of virtual real estate and was a request from the Exclusible community, appealing to high profile, media focused individuals, communities and future facing brands. It features 2 jet skis, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a dance floor at the front, horizon views and even a private island. The water house virtual space includes various dream-like spaces that have been built by Exclusible with the creative direction and production of Polycount. Users will be able to buy the spaces for anything from art exhibitions, professional meetings, metaverse onboarding sessions, marketing activations for luxury brands, parties, concerts and more. 

The latest collection follows the success of 2,500 luxury penthouses that the company states were sold for USD $1.2 Million on Spatial earlier this year. Spatial added that with these latest additions to the 3D spaces, the company, along with Exclusible, are setting a landmark in a new luxury standard on Web3, showing what a photo-realtistic functional metaverse experience can be.

The new water house virtual space in Spatial

“The long-term partnership with Spatial is built around the shared vision to create spaces that are aspirational, elegant, accessible, customizable and useful. Our initial joint project set the Exclusible brand as the go-to destination for luxury digital real estate. Now we see the huge potential of having Spatial as our official partner to develop immersive, 3D and next level digital experiences. We consider Spatial as one of the most promising metaverses because of its highest quality graphics and its immediate utility and usage,” said Thibault Launay, Co-Founder and CEO of Exclusible. 

“In Spatial we are reinventing how people work, play and connect with the communities that are important to them,” said Jinha Lee, Co-founder and CPO of Spatial. “We create utility in stunningly designed 3D spaces and it’s why almost 14,000 hours have been spent in the Exclusible Penthouses on Spatial in the last 4 months. We’re honored to formalize a long-term relationship with the Exclusible team, to create extravagance and design-led spaces for any individual or brand to experience a slice of luxury in the metaverse.” 

Timed with the latest installments from Exclusible, Spatial has also launched several feature updates to the platform, as part of the redesigned 

  • Live Explore – dynamically sorts spaces by how many loves and visits they have, allowing for categorization of spaces by what’s currently trending, live or most interesting to a user. The idea behind Live Explore is to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to get discovered, as well as to surface the corners of the platform that have people in them at all times;
  • Social Profiles – paves the way for Spatial as a Web3 social network, letting users create their own profile, follow their favorite creators and friends, and discover popular events, meetups, and creations through the live curated explore page;
  • Sketchfab integration – allows users to access the world’s most expansive library of 3D models and objects for a more customizable and creative experience.

The company stated that these updates will allow users to build a larger and more vibrant community, improve discoverability across all public spaces and uplevel customization on the platform.

To experience Exclusible on Spatial today, visit the community Penthouse here. For more information on Spatial and its virtual platform for the metaverse, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Spatial / YouTube

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