DPVR to showcase its new E4 VR gaming device at the World VR Conference in Jiangxi, China

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November 10, 2022 – DPVR, a Shanghai-based company specializing in virtual reality (VR) device design and manufacturing, has this week announced that it will be showcasing its upcoming ‘E4’ VR headset at the 2022 World VR Conference in Jiangxi, China this weekend.

As part of its attendance at the VR industry conference, which takes place from November 12-13, DPVR will be showcasing a teaser of its flagship gaming device–the new E4 VR headset–under its “Only for the elite player” tagline.

The soon-to-be launched E4 is a PC-tethered VR headset for gamers. The device has been designed and configured to maximize the sense of immersion for gamers, according to DPVR. The company has also confirmed that the device will be compatible with SteamVR, enabling users of the E4 to enjoy more than 7,000 SteamVR gaming titles upon the device’s launch.

In addition to the company’s latest VR gaming headset, DPVR will also be showcasing its customized VR headset for industrial solutions, with a demo of its ‘DPVR Edu Pro’ also on display at this week’s conference.

The DPVR Edu Pro is an educational VR headset that was created in partnership with Veative. According to the company, the Edu Pro device was designed for use by students from the first grade of primary school to the third grade of high school. There are currently more than 670 courses available for students to benefit from on the device.

Various language versions of these courses are also available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, and more. Lessons are divided into three parts: a learning and explanatory session; a practical session, and finally a test. All are designed to assist teachers to better understand the progress of their students.

Other VR and AR (augmented reality) manufacturers and solutions providers, as well as companies providing solutions for the metaverse will be in attendance at this year’s World VR Conference. The event is taking place from November 12-13 in Jiangxi province, China.

With the launch of DPVR’s E4 device on the horizon, it will mark the company’s first attempt at entering the consumer VR market. DPVR has stated that it will primarily be focusing on gaming users, and added that it aims to further grow its business in the VR esports sector.

To find out more about DPVR’s upcoming E4 virtual reality device for consumers and gamers, click here. For more information on the company and its VR offerings in general, please visit the DPVR website.

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