Geenee launches its no-code WebAR platform allowing creators and brands to build Augmented Reality experiences in minutes

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August 18, 2021 – Augmented Reality (AR) technology firm, Geenee Inc., has recently announced the launch of ‘Geenee WebAR Builder’, a no-code creation platform that makes it possible for creators and brands to publish AR content to the web in a matter of minutes. 

A key benefit of Web-based AR (WebAR) is that it eliminates the need for audiences to download an app or enter into a walled-garden environment in order to experience augmented reality. Instead, users can simply scan a QR code or tap a url to launch AR content. 

Core Features of the Geenee WebAR Builder Include:

  • Drag & drop AR editor, powered by Geenee’s proprietary image recognition & advanced tracking technology;
  • Cloud-based platform, accessible on desktop, anywhere there’s an internet connection;
  • Content management system & shared asset library for easy, cross-team collaboration;
  • White-label user interface templates to cut down on creative & development time;
  • Ability to drop multiple 2D and 3D files into an AR scene, while maintaining animation and transparency (.glb, .gif, .mp4, .jpeg, and .png are all compatible file formats);
  • Instant access to a diverse library of free-to-use 3D models, powered by Sketchfab;
  • On-demand audio assets powered by Spotify;
  • Code Inject direct from the platform for a greater level of customization;
  • Built in analytics & insights;
  • Publish instantly to generate a url and QR code, accessible by over 3.5 Billion iOS and Android AR-compatible devices worldwide.

“You do not need 3D and 2D design skills. You do not need to be an engineer. You can drop in any asset from jpgs, pngs, gifs, .mp4s, .glbs, .mp3s and experience it in AR – and it’s instantly published to the web. By making it easy for anyone to jump in, we’re hoping that we will see digital content become more tactile, life-like and literally in your world.” said Geenee Head of Product Design + Creative, Heather Lipner.

Geenee Head of Partnerships, Elena de Sosa, added: “We’re breaking down barriers from both a creation and experience standpoint. Our clients are seeing significant savings in cost and development time. By taking AR out of the app and onto the web it becomes more easily accessible and therefore scaleable.”

Geenee WebAR Builder is now available to the public and interested users can sign up for a free two week trial here. For more information on Geenee and its “WIX for WebAR” style offering, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Geenee / YouTube

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