Geon Network announces first phase of IEO launch with Nauticus

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June 16, 2019  – Geon Network Limited has announced that it will be launching the first phase of its IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) program on June 25, 2019, with Nauticus a growing Australian based regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange and Blockchain ecosystem, with active users in over 84 countries.

Launched to the public officially in October 2018, Geon allows users from around the world to explore over 1,500,000 places and Geomine (the mining of digital items or assets – in this case, cryptocurrency – from a real, physical space) Geon Coins as part of their experience, becoming a bridge between crypto and the physical world. Users can collect Geon Coins, which are represented in Augmented Reality, through the Geon App. For businesses, Geon can be used as a marketing tool, as it allows companies to add Geon Coins to a location to attract users to a retail destination or tourist attraction in order to Geomine.

According to Geon Network, since migrating to the POA Network in February 2019, Geon has grown rapidly, reaching over 100,000 downloads and over 41,000 active users, as well as being  awarded a grant by the POA Games Fund.

“Geon is an active platform with real users and revenue creating business partners. Our long-term vision is to deliver world leading products and services that enables people to explore what the world has to offer, reward them for their activities, and enable access to localized offers that are relevant to them,” said Robert Radek, CEO Geon Network. “As a bridge between traditional and crypto world, we believe that Geon becomes your first-choice location-based companion dApp [decentralized app] every time you leave home.”

The Geon Token sale will be hosted by Nauticus.

Image/video credit: Geon Network/YouTube

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