PTC and Vodafone Business announce strategic alliance to enable customers to develop and deploy Augmented Reality applications

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June 14, 2019 – PTC and Vodafone Business have announced a strategic alliance that builds on an existing three-year relationship and will enable customers across multiple industry segments to develop and deploy revenue-generating IoT and AR applications.

Commencing in June 2019, both companies expect the alliance will enable customers to create an end-to-end solution to solve business challenges. These challenges could include improving the customer experience, reducing the cost of operations, or building better products and services. By enabling smart decision-making capabilities, supporting rapid development, and tapping into existing expertise, the companies aim to reduce extended development processes, enabling businesses to scale at a faster pace.

“This strategic alliance demonstrates our commitment to one another and to the companies around the world that are choosing our solution for their digital transformation journeys,” said Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO at PTC.

Commenting on the announcement, Stefano Gastaut, IoT Director at Vodafone Business, said: “The opportunities for IoT and AR solutions in all industry sectors are enormous and we want businesses of all sizes across the globe to be able to leverage the power of IoT to drive better outcomes for themselves and their customers”.

PTC and Vodafone Business have been showcasing the capabilities of the alliance at PTC’s annual digital transformation event, LiveWorx, this week in Boston.

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