Golden Triangle Ventures and Positron partner to develop immersive platform for live streaming concerts and VR events

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August 6, 2021 – Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. has recently announced that it has executed a five-year exclusive partnership agreement with Positron, a virtual reality (VR) technology and entertainment company, to develop an immersive platform for live streaming concerts and VR events.

Jeffrey Travis, CEO of Positron, said: “We’re excited to partner with Golden Triangle Ventures as a key expansion into music and live events for our VR content platform. With their expertise in the concert and live event space, we’re offering unique content and monetization models for the future of entertainment in the metaverse. Looking even further down the road, this newfound relationship will allow us to work with GTV to leverage our IP and create a proprietary platform as part of the second phase of our buildout.”

Positron’s platform, developed with Golden Triangle Ventures for its entertainment division under Lavish Entertainment, will allow audiences to join remotely on VR headsets, augmented reality (AR) enabled mobile devices, and 2D streaming devices.

Concerts and events hosted by Lavish Entertainment will also be offered on Positron’s ‘Voyager’ VR motion pods, which deliver a location-based entertainment experience. Additionally, users will now be able to experience concerts and events together with friends through social features powered by Vara Now, an XR space that allows users to create or visit virtual rooms and interact with 3D Objects.

Furthermore, performing artists will be able to offer customized interactive 3D visualizations and worlds that will be available at the live venue and inside the VR platform. This will allow audiences to simultaneously view a live 360 stream of an artist and navigate into the virtual 3D world designed by the artist or creator. Complementing this, audiences will be able to buy and share tickets to events, purchase digital merchandise including NFTs, as well as access an array of content the company will be providing.

Steffan Dalsgaard, CEO of Golden Triangle Ventures, commented: “This amazing new platform will enable us to monetize our events globally and license this technology to other event promoters around the world to accomplish the same goal. Imagine entering a virtual venue with a group of your friends, having the ability to watch our live events while also watching your friends dance, and having the ability to experience live performance in real-time through an augmented reality that we can customize and create for the specific events we organize. This platform is unlike anything we have seen, and we are so excited to partner exclusively with one of the most reputable VR companies in the space: Positron.”

For more information on Positron and its immersive VR platform solutions, please visit the company’s website.

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