Harena Data and Phenomena VR announce competitive VR esports leagues

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November 18, 2021 – Phenomena VR, a developer of virtual reality (VR) games for arena arcades, and Harena Data, a community esports aggregator, have recently announced at the IAPPA Expo that they are “leaguifying” competitive VR esports across North America. Phenomena VR will use its technology to bring its free roaming VR esport Arena to the professional competitive level.

The company’s VR esport Arena solution allows players to move around an open space without the need for a cable management system or supported backpack, providing a fully immersive experience. Tournaments and competitions will be leaguified and managed by Harena Data, which works closely with esports communities on engagement. 

According to the companies, what makes Phenomena VR’s arenas unique is their ability to scale the size of the arenas themselves. Arenas, like in-game maps, are customizable in size and layout, making for a new experience every game.

The VR esports tournaments will kick-off with three games, but will also soon expand to multiple titles. The initial three games include:

  • Versus: Virtual Reality Laser Tag – An arena scale VR laser tag game with a roster of different game modes, varied map sizes, and engaging gameplay;
  • Enter the Duat – A co-op shooter tasking teams to combat enemy hordes and monsters from the Egyptian underworld. Players are fully immersed into in-game roles that allow them to practice ranged skills and various magical abilities;
  • Space Dance Harmony – A VR dance rhythm title.

“Phenomena VR is one of the most technologically innovative companies in the mixed reality space,” said Bill Dever, Chief Strategy Officer at Harena Data. “Their 360 degree immersive technology and VR arenas can create highly competitive environments that are perfect for esports leagues. We believe this is the next-generation of entertainment and competition.” 

Awane Jones, CEO of Phenomena VR, commented: “We are excited about this partnership with Harena Data. Phenomena has spent the last 2 years in R&D to optimize the VR esport Arena taking it from 250m sq ft all the way to 10,000 sq ft with the help of hardware partner HTC. With more than 100 arenas worldwide, we can’t wait to keep expanding our games to a professional competitive audience with Harena Data and to start broadcasting VR esport content in the near future.” 

For more information about Phenomena VR’s arenas and technology, click here. To find out more about Harena Data and its esports solutions, click here.

Image / video credit: Harena Data / Phenomena VR

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