HID Global introduces Augmented Reality Reader Tool to help with use of its access control products

April 11, 2019 – HID Global has today introduced an augmented reality tool aimed at helping integrators, installers and consultants deploy and use HID’s access control products. The company states that its new HID AR Reader Tool optimizes and expedites installation of access card readers, while simplifying onsite upgrades and support with a combination of 3D data and guided animations in real-world environments.

“The HID AR Reader Tool is the natural next step in our digital transformation and our commitment to continually make it easier to do business with HID – including simplifying the deployment and use of our products,” said Stephen Carney, Vice President of Product Marketing, Physical Access Control Solutions with HID Global. “By taking 3D data and placing it in the real world, the tool goes a long way in using AR technology to provide HID’s installer, integrator, consultant and specifier community with enhanced access control project design, review, collaboration, installation and support capabilities.”

The AR tool features guided, step-by-step deployment, upgrade and troubleshooting walkthroughs using 3D models for a real deployment scenario for the company’s access card readers. HDI states that these features will help reduce maintenance call times and downtime through enhanced communication between local and remote teams, as well as improve install training and streamline reworking installs.

Initial capabilities are available by downloading the HID AR Reader Tool App to an Android or iOS tablet for the following use cases:

  • OSDP/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module Upgrades: The tool renders and animates a reader, the process of opening the reader, removing its foil cover, and plugging in the OSDP and/or BLE module to the reader.
  • Backplate Installation: The tool renders and animates the mounting box and animates mounting the backplate onto the junction box, including animated detail such as the screws for mounting.
  • OSDP Wiring of the Reader to Panel: The tool renders and animates reader wiring and animates controller and wiring.

HDI’s iCLASS SE readers are immediately available in the HID AR Reader Tool. The company states that additional readers are being added and that the tool will be extended to include additional augmented reality capabilities throughout 2019 and beyond.

Image credit: HID Global

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