Surgical Theater debuts its Augmented Reality offering for use on Magic Leap One

April 11, 2019 – Surgical Theater has announced that it will debut its first ever Augmented Reality offering that combines it’s Precision VR patient-specific models with the Magic Leap One spatial computing headset.

The AR offering will enable patients and surgeons to walk together inside an augmented reality version of the patient’s specific anatomy. Surgical Theatre stated that the shared 360˚ AR approach to neurosurgical consultations creates an experiential environment encouraging shared decision making and collaboration with the patient. AR allows surgeons and all participants to maintain physical awareness and eye contact while walking through the 360˚ virtual model.

For the operating room (OR), Surgical Theater will also demonstrate SynchronizAR, a synchronized augmented reality visualization platform for neurosurgery that aligns patient specific Precision VR reconstructions with advanced navigation and endoscope systems.

SynchronizAR facilitates mixed reality, offering surgeons live and synchronized augmentation including patient-specific vascular structures, pathology, and DTI white matter tracts aligned to surgical optics.

“The evolution of Surgical Theater’s technology into mixed reality allows us to leverage our core competencies in VR and AR – exceeding surgeon expectations and aligning with patient-centric value-based care,” said Moty Avisar, CEO & Co-Founder of Surgical Theater. “In the OR, overlaying the 360˚ model onto the surgeons microscopic/endoscopic optics, enables them to see and therefore, preserve a hidden vessel or nerve that will be exposed during a tumor resection. In the clinic, our hospital partners have seen tremendous value in the ability for surgeons and patients to walk inside the 360˚ model – it has proven to achieve superior patient understanding, resulting in improved patient satisfaction.”

Surgical Theater’s Precision VR is a visualization platform that allows patients and their surgeons to step into the patient’s complex diagnosis and to walk together in a 360-degree, VR reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy.

Medical Institutions across the USA, including George Washington University Hospital, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Stanford Medical Center, Houston Methodist, NYU, University Hospitals, Mt. Sinai and Hoag Hospital are utilizing Surgical Theater’s Precision VR in the clinic as well as in the operating room.

Image credit: Surgical Theatre

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