HiMirror announces launch of ‘HiMirror Slide’, with Augmented Reality makeup try-on

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October 3, 2019 – Beauty tech brand, HiMirror, has announced the official launch of its newest model, the HiMirror Slide, which utilizes augmented reality to allow users to try new makeup looks, and is designed to streamline and improve daily beauty routines for users.

The HiMirror product portfolio is made up of what are effectively vanity mirrors that double up as tablet-style multimedia devices, which offer skin analysis that measures a variety of skin factors, and provide personalized tips and product recommendations to improve skin health. Products also feature a ‘Skin Analysis Engine’, which curates a photo time-lapse that allows users to see how their skin is changing.

The HiMirror Slide comes with two LED light strips with 5 preset settings that allow users to adjust brightness and warmth, as well as digital magnification. Users can try new makeup looks with the help of the Augmented-Reality Makeup Studio, which allows users to switch between colors, textures, and patterns.

HiMirror Slide also offers a variety of entertainment applications allowing users to stay connected while getting ready. Users can stream music from Spotify and Pandora, scroll through Instagram and Facebook, check the weather and catch up on the latest news. Watching YouTube content is also possible on the HiMirror Slide, thanks to the ‘HiTube’ feature, which allows users to drag videos freely across the smart panel screen to view them while getting ready, or minimize to only listen to the audio content.

Measuring only 11″, the HiMirror Slide comes equipped with a foldable, rotatable stand for storage and for portrait/landscape viewing. Users can choose to use the mirror itself or slide to reveal the touch panel and access HiMirror Slide’s smart features.

The HiMirror Slide will be available for USD $199 on HiMirror.com beginning October 15th, 2019.

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