HTC VIVE and holoride unveil in-car Virtual Reality entertainment for guests at MWC 2022

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March 3, 2022 – HTC VIVE, a leading provider of virtual reality (VR) products and platforms, and holoride, the Audi-backed company that provides technology to combine navigational and car data with XR, have this week been showcasing their ride-ready glasses and in-car VR experience to select guests at MWC 2022 with a drive around Barcelona.

The two companies have been working together to bring VR entertainment to car passengers, by leveraging HTC’s VIVE Flow immersive VR glasses and holoride’s innovative immersive technology platform. 

Tech start-up, holoride is working to advance the future of in-vehicle entertainment for passengers by transforming everyday car rides into fun, immersive experiences. holoride’s technology matches XR with real-time motion, location and navigational data from the vehicle. HTC added that the VIVE Flow offers a lightweight and compact immersive VR glasses solution, making it the perfect device for entertaining passengers on short or long journeys.

During the demo car ride for MWC guests, passengers were able to experience holoride’s ‘elastic content’ which is able to match car movement so that experiences like games actually adapt in real-time to route length and type, driving styles and location. 

“VIVE Flow can fit in the palm of your hand and still deliver a breathtaking experience,” said Shen Ye, Global Head of Hardware at HTC VIVE. “Paired with holoride’s impressive tech, you’ll be able to turn car rides into virtual amusement parks. We’re very excited to work with holoride in shaping the future of passenger entertainment.” 

“holoride is on a mission to create exciting in-vehicle experiences for passengers to travel the Metaverse, and that starts with putting our technology in the hands – or on the heads – of riders,” said Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride. “VIVE Flow is the ideal device for on-the-go XR, so we are thrilled to be partnering with HTC VIVE to give riders direct access to holoride. The glasses’ sleek, portable design means riders can enjoy a fun and connected experience anywhere they go.”

For more information on HTC VIVE and its VIVE Flow virtual reality glasses and other VR solutions, click here. To learn more about holoride and its in-car immersive VR technology platform, click here.

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