HTC Vive to launch a headset-only version of the Cosmos Elite VR headset & standalone External Tracking Faceplate

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March 31, 2020 – HTC Vive has announced that it will soon be offering an upgrade option for existing Vive owners (or those with base stations and controllers already). In the coming weeks, the company will launch both a headset-only version of the Cosmos Elite Headset and the External Tracking Faceplate as a stand-alone accessory. Furthermore, both purchases will come with a redemption code for Half-Life: Alyx*.

Launched last week, the Vive Cosmos Elite pairs the performance of external tracking alongside the flexibility of the Cosmos platform to meet the needs of the most demanding VR entertainment enthusiasts. All Vive Cosmos headsets include the same visuals (2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution), and comfort features including an innovative flip-up design that can transport users to and from their virtual world with ease.

Retailing for USD $549, the headset-only option (for existing Vive owners with base stations and controllers) will include a pre-installed External Tracking Faceplate and the Cosmos headset, alongside Half-Life: Alyx and six months of Viveport Infinity for free. The External Tracking Faceplate, retailing for USD $199 as an upgrade accessory for Vive Cosmos, can be used with base station versions 1.0 or 2.0 as well as the original Vive or Vive Pro controllers and is easily swapped with the original inside-out tracking faceplate that ships with Vive Cosmos. The External Tracking Faceplate will also include a redemption code for Half-Life: Alyx and six months of Viveport Infinity for free.

Vive states that the Elite headset will begin shipping starting in April with on-sale date varying by region (see chart below). The External Tracking Faceplate will launch globally later in Q2. Given demand, the company is releasing these to markets as quickly as it can given supply chain challenges associated with the ongoing global health crisis.

Cosmos Elite Headset

Country      Pre-Order On Sale
CN N/A 16-Apr
TW 1-Apr 16-Apr
EU 7-Apr 27-Apr
UK 7-Apr 27-Apr
CA 1-Apr 1-May
US 1-Apr 1-May
AU N/A May
KR N/A May
NZ N/A May
JP To be announced To be announced
KSA 1-May 18-May
UAE 1 May 18-May

Cosmos External Tracking Faceplate

Country On Sale
KR Late April
CA 1-May
US 1-May
EU 15-May
UK 15-May
AU May
ME 10-Jun
TW Late April
JP To be announced

By using Lighthouse base station technology, Vive Cosmos Elite users will be able to experience the power and precision of SteamVR tracking. Vive Cosmos Elite and the External Tracking Faceplate also support Vive’s ecosystem of peripherals including the Vive Wireless Adapter for an untethered VR experience and the Vive Tracker.

* Redemption code not available in all regions. Digital code included in box. Limited time offer.

Image credit: HTC Vive

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