Kognitiv Spark partners with Gimò Technology Solutions to provide Mixed Reality services to the mining industry

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April 15, 2020 – Kognitiv Spark has announced today that it is partnering with Gimò Technology Solutions in Santiago, Chile. Gimò is a company with experience in providing services to mining and other industrial sectors, as well as supporting customers with innovative technological solutions for asset management.

Kognitiv Spark states that the team at Gimò understands the value of real-time remote worker support enabled through technology. As a result, Gimò has become an official value-added reseller of Kognitiv Spark’s RemoteSpark system, servicing all of South America.

RemoteSpark enables a remote worker, using a Microsoft HoloLens, to digitally connect with a subject matter expert (SME), using a Windows 10 PC, to facilitate complex troubleshooting. This system allows SMEs to see what the worker sees and guide them using voice, field-of-view annotations and task-relevant content (PDFs, Microsoft Documents, Images, multi-step 3D animated CAD assets) which appear as holograms in the remote worker’s real-world environment.

With their expertise working with the mining sector, Gimò identified the need for a remote worker support tool for this industry, among others.

Considering that many mining sites in South America are operated by organizations headquartered throughout the continent and other parts of the world, the capability to deliver real-time guidance to on-site workers from anywhere in the world creates opportunities for mining operations to reduce SME travel while still providing a high level of support, as well as helping reduce costly operational downtime, according to the company.

With RemoteSpark now a part of Gimò’s service offering, the company is poised to help deliver the benefits of Mixed Reality remote worker support throughout the continent.

“We see a tremendous opportunity with this alliance since Kognitive Spark is a leader in the development of this technology. Working together we ensure the provision of the best solutions to our clients in industrial and mining sectors throughout all of South America,” said Paola Ricordi, Executive Representative for South America of RemoteSpark for Hololens at Gimò.

The strategic partnership has rapidly evolved, with Gimò reporting traction and strong interest from clients and prospects as they move to adopt a technical capability in Mixed Reality.

“Gimò has long been facilitating digital transformation in a variety of industries, and their hands-on understanding of conditions that may be impacting access to industry sites in their geographical area makes them a clear choice for partnering with Kognitiv Spark as a value-added reseller,” said Rodney McAffee, Vice President of Energy and Industrial Engineering at Kognitiv Spark.

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