VRpatients launches its immersive Virtual Reality training application for EMS students and practitioners

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April 14, 2020 – Online virtual EMS training company VRpatients has today announced the launch of its new application featuring a case authoring tool that gives educators complete control of their content.

VRpatients immerses EMS students and practitioners into clinical case scenarios, where they can interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real-time. This gives educators insight into the medic’s critical thinking skills and competency for actual patient care in the field.

“VRpatients is truly an immersive learning experience that awakens a first responder’s intellect, heightens their senses, even induces stress,” said Duane Ginder, EMT-P, Education Director of VRpatients. “It’s truly the closest you can come to real life training without real life consequences,” he added.

VRpatients is available online or in full virtual reality through the use of a VR headset, and offers a diverse library of realistic patient avatars and frequently encountered environments, which helps to bring every aspect of patient care to life. In addition, the platform’s case authoring tool provides a comprehensive toolset of educational parameters. This gives educators the flexibility to modify the patient, scene, or clinical conditions in a matter of minutes. Users react to the chosen course of treatment in real-time, providing a consistent experience from user to user. Trainers, in turn, gain the ability to objectively assess the clinical competency and preparedness of the medic.

“VRpatients bridges the gap between the classroom and the field,” said Jason Marquez, President, First Response Training Group. “This application builds critical thinking skills much faster than traditional classroom training while providing a consistent experience from user to user.”

The experiential immersion helps to evoke real emotion and stress by simulating the many unknowns first responders face every day. This helps better prepare student practitioners for the field, while aiding in knowledge retention.

“Practical simulation has always been in a classroom with a mannequin,” said Kyle Durjan, Firefighter/EMT. “Virtual reality immerses you into the scene, so you can get a realistic picture of what you’re actually walking into. Is the home clean? Does the patient live by himself? You don’t have to be prompted about the scene. You can visually assess it immediately,” he added.

For more information or to request a demo, interested parties can contact VRpatients here.

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