LEGO launches new WebAR experience built on 8th Wall’s platform

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September 2, 2022 – LEGO has launched a new web-based augmented reality (AR) experience to promote its new LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 set. 

The experience was created by UK creative agency Hoopla Digital and was built using 8th Wall’s leading WebAR technology platform, which was acquired by Niantic earlier this year. The experience helps to showcase the intricate details and features of the LEGO Ferrari set using augmented reality, and allows users and supercar fans to witness the Ferrari Daytona SP3’s design and aerodynamics in augmented reality before purchasing the LEGO Technic set.

The experience begins by having users scan the floor or a flat surface in their surrounding environment with a smartphone device and tapping on the LEGO box once it appears in their world space. Demonstrating the virtual unboxing experience for customers, the LEGO pieces then fly out of the box and come together in a whirlwind animation to reveal the product fully assembled. Users can then tap on the interactive hotspots to get an up-close look at the butterfly doors, detachable roof and the V12 engine with moving pistons. Users can also zoom in and rotate the car, take photos to share with their friends and find a retailer to purchase their own set.

For more information on 8th Wall and its web-based augmented reality (WebAR) development platform, click here.

Image / video credit: 8th Wall / YouTube

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