Magic Leap announces ‘Collaboration Package’ for businesses and remote workers, in partnership with Spatial

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March 18, 2020 – Magic Leap has announced that it has partnered with Spatial, a cross-reality collaboration platform which enables holographic meetings, to offer a new trial package of its software and equipment — the Magic Leap Collaboration Package. The move is in response to a growing number of companies suddenly challenged to support remote workforces. As a result, Magic Leap is offering its solutions and services in order to meet increasing demand, with an aim of empowering dispersed teams. 

The Collaboration Package will equip workforces with Magic Leap 1 devices for a trial period of 45 days and provide support for user set-up with Spatial. Spatial allows teams to set-up and run 1:1 or 1:many group holographic meetings. Coupled with other available Magic Leap solutions, the company hopes that it will enable business teams to collaborate remotely, hold remote presentations, and participate in multi-site work reviews and collaboration sessions. Expert assistance to set-up and install applications is also included in the package, so that teams can be up and running quickly.

Spatial offers photorealistic 3D avatars made from a single photo, and allows users to upload any 2D/3D information as well as share a screen with the meeting for remote presentation. Industries from fashion to oil and gas are embracing the benefits of Spatial, plus a wide array of applications that run on the Magic Leap platform, according to the company.

The platform is hardware-agnostic and runs across different spatial computing devices, AR and VR headsets, computers and phones. This means remote workers can easily share data stored on existing devices during meetings held on Spatial.

The collaboration package includes:

  • 4 x Magic Leap 1 devices for a trial period of 45 days;
  • Remote service set-up and installation with user licenses for Spatial app access;
  • Credit for 1 x Magic Leap 1 with package purchase at the end of the 45 day trial;

The Magic Leap Collaboration Package costs USD $5,000 (shipping included), plus applicable taxes.

After the trial is over, companies will have the option to purchase a one year license to use Spatial and three Magic Leap 1 devices (with the company stating that the fourth is free of charge). Alternatively, companies can simply return the entire package with no further fees or obligations.

To learn more and take advantage of the opportunity, interested parties should contact

The Magic Leap Collaboration Package is available while supplies last in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain only.

Video credit: Magic Leap/YouTube

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