Librestream to provide free Remote Collaboration software for companies impacted by coronavirus

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March 18, 2020 – Librestream, a provider of remote collaboration and communication solutions, has today announced a free program for enterprises facing business continuity and worker safety challenges related to COVID-19.

Librestream states that its Onsight augmented reality platform is deployed across several industries, including aviation, defense, manufacturing, energy and inspection companies around the world, and helps to enable greater operational efficiency, reductions in carbon footprint and improved worker safety.

“The sudden onset of this pandemic means managers haven’t had time to prepare for the new reality we are facing with the novel coronavirus,” said John Bishop, President and Chief Executive Officer of Librestream. “Many are scrambling to find safe, cost effective ways to ensure business continuity. Onsight is already helping hundreds of companies overcome distance barriers and keep workers safe. With this free program, we can extend the same opportunity to any organization.”

Librestream built its Onsight platform from the ground up to cater to the needs of deskless workers. This worker-centric focus includes the ability to collaborate securely across and within field environments including those where bandwidth and network connectivity is most challenged – such as a basement over cellular or an offshore oil rig over satellite.

Use cases can range from remote inspections of critical equipment and diagnostic assessments to telemedicine consults. Many organizations have announced travel/visitation bans to protect workers, making it impossible to work in traditional ways. Instead, Librestream states that organizations are using its Onsight platform to work remotely while still maintaining the benefits of an in-person meeting including content markup, or sharing visual and audio assets. The company states that use of its Onsight software by existing customers has multiplied over seven times in the last month as businesses adjust to travel and other restrictions.

Onsight Connect remote expert software runs on smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, wearables and computers for a consistent, flexible and secure experience in the field.

Today’s announcement will see Librestream provide its Onsight Connect remote expert package to qualified organizations who are new to the capability. The package includes pre-configured Onsight Connect remote expert software and materials to get up and running within 24 hours. To initiate the qualification, organizations must fill out their information online and agree to provide feedback.

The company also states that there is no commitment to purchase of any kind. In addition, Librestream is also offering no charge, virtual training sessions. Interested customers can contact Librestream here.

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