Magnetic Mobile launches ‘Charge AR’ e-commerce platform for Augmented Reality promotions

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April 25, 2022 – Magnetic Mobile, a digital marketing firm, has recently announced the launch of Charge AR, a solution for incorporating targeted promotional offers into an e-commerce augmented reality (AR) experience.

According to Magnetic Mobile, the Charge AR platform is able to display a 3D animation alongside 3D product models that customers view in AR using a smartphone. The 3D animations can display a retailer’s chosen marketing message, such as financial incentives like “20% Off” or an additional benefit such as “Gift with Purchase.” Magnetic Mobile added that showing the offer together with the product itself helps to create a more seamless experience for customers and can strengthen the sense of urgency for them to complete a transaction.

The company highlighted that Charge AR enables retailers to target different consumers with different offers based on their interests or behavior. The Charge AR platform also supports the creation of multiple offers for the same product, allowing for targeting, segmentation, and A/B testing, enabling retailers to maximize conversion and ROI.

“We’re combining proven approaches into a new solution that’s as much about the business as it is about the buzz,” said Brian Sichi, Magnetic Mobile CEO. “AR is a fun and exciting feature that engages customers. By placing promotional offers in the actual AR scene, marketers can connect the 3D experience to ROI in a tangible, measurable way while optimizing their marketing spend.”

Magnetic Mobile is a Platinum Partner of Marxent’s 3D Cloud platform. According to the company, in 2021 alone, 3D Cloud by Marxent clients saw a 250% increase in sales conversions after a product was viewed in AR and a 180% increase in total dollar value of the resulting transactions. Charge AR clients will therefore also benefit from the infrastructure of the 3D Cloud platform, which is able to support large-scale 3D model delivery.

“We’ve seen the power of 3D visualization in the furniture and home improvement industry for years,” said Beck Besecker, 3D Cloud by Marxent’s CEO and Magnetic Mobile Co-Founder. “Now AR is expanding to many more categories and it’s becoming table stakes for any online shopping experience. With their background in digital offer management and customer loyalty, the Magnetic team is a natural fit to take AR models a step further by combining them with marketing messages that drive sales.”

For more information on Magnetic Mobile and its Charge AR platform for augmented reality e-commerce, click here.

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