Marxent awarded patent for its ‘Design from Photo’ technology for e-commerce and 3D visualization

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May 27, 2021 – Marxent, a provider of 3D commerce solutions and a 3D visualization platform for home furnishings, has today announced the issuance of a notice of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark office for the company’s ‘Design from Photo’ e-commerce technology.

Marxent offers a host of software solutions that implement its 3D Room Planner technology across augmented reality (AR) apps and WebAR, allowing users to place 3D products in a surrounding space or try out objects from 3D advertising campaigns. The company also offers virtual reality (VR) commerce solutions by pairing its 3D Room Designer with a VR headset, allowing customers to shop virtually.

According to Marxent, the patent-protected IP for its Design from Photo technology includes the ability to tap on a buyable product in an inspirational photo and add it to a 3D scene with other 3D products as a part of the customer buying journey for both e-commerce and in-store purchases. It also covers ‘whole-room add-to-cart’ from a 3D scene.

 “While simple for shoppers to use, our Design from Photo feature solves a very big problem for retailers,” said Beck Besecker, Marxent’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Home improvement is a [USD] $500 billion category where just a fraction of sales is online.”

Consumers start by browsing inspirational photos. Once they find a photo that resonates, they embark on a self-service design experience where they are able to design entire rooms. These designs can then be added straight to an e-commerce cart or shared with a design professional for collaboration. The Design from Photo tool enables consumers to build their dream spaces quickly and easily without a learning curve and without browsing through large catalogs.

Marxent added that high-consideration home categories such as furniture and DIY are finding significant growth and engagement online with Design from Photo which captures shoppers in the inspiration phase of shopping for home updates. Marxent also stated that 3D Room Planner shoppers are twice as likely to complete a project and twice as likely to buy.

Besecker continued: “Pinterest and online image search are the starting places for nearly every home improvement project. 3D Room Planner with Design from Photo is the self-service shopping platform for the HGTV generation.”

According to the company, its 3D Room Planner with Design from Photo is used by leading furniture retailers and kitchen cabinet manufacturers including Lowe’s Home Improvement, Macy’s, La-Z-Boy, John Lewis & Partners, American Furniture Warehouse, and American Woodmark. 

For more information on Marxent’s AR and VR e-commerce solutions for furniture and home improvement, visit the company’s website.

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