PTC announces ‘Vuforia Instruct’ for creation of 3D CAD-based interactive Augmented Reality work instructions

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May 28, 2021 – PTC, a provider of digital solutions for industry and manufacturing, has announced at its Vuforia Live virtual event, the release of the new ‘Vuforia Instruct’ out-of-the-box offering from the company’s Vuforia enterprise augmented reality (AR) suite.

According to PTC, with Vuforia Instruct, enterprises can leverage 3D CAD data to create, deliver, and scale interactive AR work instructions, enabling them to optimize inspections for quality and field maintenance use cases.

“Vuforia Instruct enables organizations to transform the way they create and scale work instructions to their front-line employees,” said Michael Campbell, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Augmented Reality Products, PTC. “Leveraging existing 3D CAD data, organizations can now guide employees to exactly where work needs to be done and provide them with detailed instructions for critical inspection procedures in context. Such enhancements are critical to industrial organizations looking to increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce unplanned downtime.”

PTC noted that existing inspection methods that utilize manual paper processes are often error-filled, difficult to transcribe, and costly – ultimately becoming barriers to continuous improvement, which can affect quality and expenditure. Vuforia Instruct enables companies to eliminate a reliance on paper forms by delivering contextual visual guidance and references to front-line workers with built-in, real-time inspection feedback to capture critical insights.

“We are thrilled to be working with PTC and Rockwell Automation to bring AR to our customers, and see tremendous opportunity to use 3D work instructions to address critical inspection steps within our maintenance, repair, and sanitation processes on our packaging equipment,” said Alexander Ouellet, Innovation Engineer at Harpak-ULMA Packaging. “The enhanced work instructions created with Vuforia Instruct enable us to upskill our customers’ employees, and even our own technical staff, on intricate procedures in mission critical environments. AR technologies will help our customers reap significant productivity gains by enabling them to improve the accuracy and timeliness of complex, manual processes.”

For more information on PTC and its Vuforia platform for enterprise augmented reality, please visit the company’s website.

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