Masterpiece Studio announces free edition of its 3D software suite for Virtual Reality creation

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November 30, 2021 – Masterpiece Studio, a 3D creation and animation software platform, has today announced the release of a free edition of Masterpiece Studio Pro for personal use, available on PC virtual reality (VR) platforms (Steam, Viveport). Masterpiece Studio Pro offers a complete VR creative suite for indie creators making usable 3D characters and props for games, animations and for the metaverse. The suite can be used standalone or with other 3D modeling VR and desktop apps.

“Creators are the builders of the future and the free edition will enable more of them to effortlessly create in 3D. We now have a product that is ready for indie VR creators to use to make and modify 3D assets for games, avatars, and virtual worlds,” said Jon Gagne, CEO at Masterpiece Studio. “This community of creative trailblazers will be ready to meet the demand for 3D asset creation and be at the forefront of building their vision of the metaverse.”

According to the company, the launch of the free version for personal use is to support VR Indie creators, many of whom have been at the core of the company since its first product release of MasterpieceVR in early 2017. The product has evolved from an immersive sculpting tool to a complete VR 3D creative suite that enables creators with no background in 3D to easily complete their entire 3D workflow – from concept to rigging, to animation, to export.

“By incorporating Masterpiece Studio Pro into my workflow, my ability to iterate has increased tenfold,” commented Ron Martin, Creative and Technical Director at Unity Technologies. “It’ll be how every content studio will need to work if they are to maintain competitive advantage.”

The free edition for non-commercial use contains all the current features of Masterpiece Studio Pro and now allows users to export assets for download through the Masterpiece Studio public gallery. Users can create from scratch, remix, and modify gallery content, helping to grow the community of indie 3D creators while showcasing their work to the world. 

For commercial purposes and to access private exports and dedicated support, users can also choose from a variety of subscription plans. However, the free edition of Masterpiece Studio Pro is for non-commercial use is now available to download on Steam and Viveport.

For more information on Masterpiece Studio and its 3D creative suite for virtual reality, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Masterpiece Studio / YouTube

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