Manus launches Polygon, a free software solution for VR, motion capture and virtual production

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November 30, 2021 – Manus, a provider of data gloves for motion capture (mocap) and virtual reality (VR), has today announced the launch of its ‘Manus Polygon’ ecosystem. Manus’ Polygon ecosystem offers a range of products aimed at capturing full body movements and translating them to the virtual world through easy-to-use software and hardware that enables users to not only immerse themselves in VR, but also record their physical movements and expressions.

Commenting on the announcement, Bart Loosman, CEO at Manus, said: “At Manus, we believe in a future where content creation in the virtual world becomes as integrated as video is currently. Convincing full body motion capture will play a large part in the adoption and creation of the Metaverse. With this release, we invite developers and content creators to dive into full body motion capture and explore the opportunities this offers for VR, animation, digital avatars, virtual production, and the coming Metaverse.”

Manus Polygon sconces in three tiers, starting with Polygon Free, where users can use their own SteamVR compatible hardware to stream their full-body data live into popular game-engines Unity or Unreal Engine, or create their own integrations through the company’s freely available SDK. Polygon Free is available for download today. The company stated that with Polygon Free, it wants to offer users a free and accessible way to start experiencing and developing around full body tracking in the virtual world.

For users in need of more professional productivity features such as recording and editing tools, FBX exporting, timesync and genlock, there is the Polygon Pro package. Polygon Pro allows users to record and export body data directly from Manus Core, the company’s data-handling software and central hub for all Manus products. In addition to its professional software features, Polygon Pro also comes with the Manus strap set, which is compatible with all SteamVR compatible trackers. Additionally, Polygon Pro is fully compatible with the Manus Prime X Series gloves, to enable hand and finger motion capture.

Finally, manus offers its Polygon Elite package, which includes all of the features of Polygon Pro, as well as a perpetual license, the company’s Manus SteamVR Pro Trackers and a charging station. The Elite package is also configurable to include the company’s Manus Prime X Series gloves.

To further explain its Polygon system, it’s integrations and use-cases, Manus will be hosting a free informational webinar On December 16, 2021. To register, click here

In addition to the announcement of its Polygon solution, Manus also added that its Manus Pro Tracker announced earlier this year is now available for order. According to the company, The Pro Tracker features the most sensors in any SteamVR tracker available, which results in more reliable SteamVR tracking data, whether being used for motion capture, virtual production, or virtual reality. The Manus SteamVR Pro also features a replaceable battery.

For more information on Manus and its tracking solutions for VR, motion capture and virtual production, click here.

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