Mississippi State University goes to tender for ‘Virtual Reality Academy’

May 23, 2019 – The College of Education at Mississippi State University (MSU) has put out a request for tenders from private companies that specialise in virtual reality to help with the installation of a ‘Virtual Reality Academy’.

The contract would include all associated hardware and software installation for a minimum of 20 VR units, as well as comprehensive training of curators and administers at the university. The contract notice also asks that the successful vendor should be able to carry the project through from cradle to grave, and should be capable of creating the acquisition of the equipment, unpacking and assembling equipment, verifying its operation, testing the setup, and managing the general installation of VR headsets and systems. The contract also requires the successful applicant to install, setup, test and verify the initial VR software on each computer system.

As well as setup requirements, the university also expects the vendor to train its VR administrator(s) and instructors on correct VR systems maintenance and curriculum. Finally, the desired vendor would be able to provide ongoing, onsite (same day) support to university staff within an 8-hour work day.

MSU has stated that expertise with HTC Vive and Occulus VR headsets is preferred, as their use pertains to education, research, and services across the pre-school through university educational systems.

An addendum to the tender notice has already been issued, and lists the following specific items to be included in vendors’ bids:

  • 21 each, Dell Alienware Aurora R7 Desktop-Intel Core i7
  • 21 each, Dell 24” IPS LED FHD Monitor
  • 21 each, Commercial Protection (3 year) Dell Alienware Desktop
  • 21 each, HTC Vive virtual reality headset
  • Installation and configuration of Unreal virtual reality software

MSU stated: “We are seeking a company who believes in communication throughout the planning and execution of the Virtual Reality Academy. Open and frequent communication will ensure a successful and satisfactory product. We are seeking a company who will provide project status reports, highlighting project progress, project issues, and potential delivery risks.”

Bid submission opens on Tuesday June 4, 2019 at 2:00pm (CT). Upon request, specifications may be obtained by contacting the university’s Office of Procurement and Contracts. Please contact Auganix for guidance on further MSU contact information.

Image credit: Logan Kirkland – MSU

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