Music streaming platform TIDAL partnering with Oculus to bring immersive music performances to VR

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September 17, 2020 – Global music and entertainment streaming platform TIDAL announced yesterday that it is partnering with Oculus to bring live, immersive music performances straight into people’s homes via the Oculus Venues app (available on the Oculus Quest) and on TIDAL. Later this year, TIDAL and Oculus will livestream a series of immersive concerts.

The two companies will provide viewers with a reimagined live performance experience that TIDAL states will make the user feel as if they are standing in the crowd alongside other fans. Furthermore, users will be able to enjoy front row seat access to exclusive performances that are available in virtual reality in the Venues app and in 2D video and high quality audio on TIDAL. All performances will be available simultaneously in Venues and TIDAL.

“At a time when livestreamed performances are seen as the new norm, TIDAL’s partnership with Oculus provides music lovers an elevated concert experience with more interaction and dimension than past livestreams. Oculus is revolutionizing the live music experience and matched with TIDAL’s HiFi audio quality, members will be able to remember what it feels like to stand in a large crowd at a concert venue,” said Lior Tibon, TIDAL COO.

More than just a streaming service, through TIDAL’s programming, members have been able to gain access to exclusive listening events, concerts, meet-and-greets, as well as premiere access to their favourite artists. The company has been positioning itself as a music services provider within the VR industry as of late, as it was recently announced that TIDAL is also collaborating with Sensorium Corporation to help the company build a music-themed world within the Sensorium Galaxy social VR platform. 

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