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September 17, 2020 – Germany based NeXR Technologies has today announced the launch of its virtual reality (VR) ‘NeXR Seminar’ platform, which will enable companies to hold seminars, conferences and training courses via a VR stream. Participants are provided with a VR headset sent to an office or home office, and can meet and communicate with lecturers, consultants or coaches in immersive environments.

Markus Peuler, CEO of NeXR Technologies, commented: “We are working simultaneously on different areas [of] Extended Reality. This includes 3D scanning of people and objects, animation, and the creation of virtual environments, applications and experiences”. He added, “Everything revolves around the next reality, expanding virtual reality and augmented reality. What is about to come will have a much stronger impact on everyday life and will be increasingly applicable for the masses.”

NeXR Seminar offers comprehensive VR events for immersive learning and enterprise based training. In order to deliver live seminars in VR, NeXR creates lifelike avatars of speakers using state-of-the-art motion capture technology, which allows them to be realistically animated. The company also works with VR consulting and development agency VRiday, which assists with the virtual production pipeline.

Peuler continued: “There are virtual rooms available on the market, but in order to have sustainable success in the B2B sector, you have to move away from gimmicks and towards real VR learning solution experiences.”

NeXR stated that the search for virtual conferencing solutions has accelerated due to the effects that the coronavirus pandemic has had on conventions, trade shows, and training seminars.

Discussing NeXR Seminar’s suitability in the time of coronavirus, Alexander Sascha Wolf, a specialist in networking and collaboration and a scientific advisor to the platform, stated: “The decision to go for VR seminars provides you with a 100% guarantee that no one will be infected,” adding, “But that is not the main reason for VR corporate training. VR makes it possible to suspend the laws of nature, such as gravity and time… That way we have endless and new possibilities to convey knowledge and information. This is the new way of training: You dive into a virtual world of unlimited possibilities and can learn immersively instead of staring at PowerPoint slides.”

The B2B training solutions in the VR environment are emotional, efficient and economical, especially because travel time and costs are saved. “It is a sustainable product and only a matter of time before companies switch to VR training,” noted Peuler. “With Alexander Wolf as a veteran speaker, we realized the new experiential training. He is now one of the first worldwide to offer live seminars with his avatar in a VR environment.”

For more information on NeXR Technologies, please visit the company’s website.

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